A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is my entry to the British Library Labs Crowdsourcing Game Jam

In this game you are an art thief, sneaking into a museum with a very specific mission. Instructions on how to play can be found ingame.

How the Tagging works:

The job description that the player receives has two components. The first is a randomly selected tag, the second is a randomly generated year range. The player is told to only steal images that match both criteria.

The player sees if the image matches the tag but can not see the year it was made. To reveal the year he must get close to the image and scan it. By tracking which images the player looks at and scans the game tags the images.


Mission: Find art with people on it from the years 1914 to 1954.

The player will ignore all images that have no people on it. So the game tags all images that the player passes but doesn't scan as "NOT People". Each image the player scans will be tagged as "People".

When the player steals an artwork the game can only verify one of the criteria, but since the player doesn't know that he will try to match both, giving us the information if the images matches the tag or not.

Art Treachery source code is available on Github.

Install instructions

Download the jar and run it (requires Java).

On the Raspberry Pi you may have run the following command if you run into Audio issues:

sudo modprobe snd_pcm_oss

Run the game like this:

java -jar Art_Treachery-Headmade_Games-Raspberry_Pi.jar

If the game runs poorly you can edit some settings here (will be created after you run the game):



Art_Treachery-Headmade_Games-0.6.jar 38 MB
Art_Treachery-Headmade_Games-Raspberry_Pi.jar 39 MB

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